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Thanks to your business and support, Oriental Tang has undergone major growth in the past years. 


New 2021 TABLE CLOTH has been ready, please check the section for the new!


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Spet, 2021

Tapestry Handbags

18 Patterns: Paris Girl, Shoe&Hat, Horses, Cats, Dogs, English Rose, Sunflower, Moonflower, Owl, New Cats, Ladybug, Butterfly, Hummingbird, Poppy, Spaniel, Robin Bird, Willow Leaf, Tulip

Table Runners, Placemats, Table Toppers, Doilies, Large Tablecloths

We carry a variety of product in various sizes. See the sample sizes and all patterns of our products in the specific section on the left. Please note the product number and place your order by clicking here.


Table Runners: 12"x18", 14"x28", 16"x36", 16"x45", 16"x54", 12"x65", 16"x72"
Table Toppers: 36"SQ, 44"SQ, 36"RD
Doilies: 8"RD, 12"RD, 16"RD, 24"RD
Large Tablecloths: 68"RD, 52"x72", 68"x90", 68"x104", 68"x126"


Angel, Butterfly, Cactus, Flamingo, Pinapple, Unicorn Head, X-mas Tree

Embroidered Tea Towels


Potholder, Oven Mitt, Bread Basket